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          熱門關鍵詞: 水冷螺桿式冷水機、開放型水冷式冷水機、工業冷油機、工業冷風機
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          • 雙色色母機
          定制電話:0755-27198948 | 13554717916
          產品特點 Features

          ◆ 模塊化可拆卸式結構設計,可快速更換螺桿及套筒;

          ◆ 使用高精度混合式步進電機,計量準確并且輸出量范圍廣;

          ◆ 馬達直接驅動,無減速箱,壽命長、免維護;

          ◆ 采用微電腦控制器,操作簡單;

          ◆ 具有50組配方存取功能,可快速調用啟動機器;

          ◆ 螺桿采用鍍鉻處理,經久耐用;

          ◆ 計量部分可以從底座整體拆除而不會漏料,底座側面有可視窗裝置,易觀察原料。

          ◆ Modular and detachable structure design, which can quickly replace the screw andsleeve;

          ◆ Using high-precision hybrid stepping motor, accurate measurement and wideoutput range;

          ◆ Directly driven by the motor, no gearbox, long life and maintenance-free;

          ◆ Using microcomputer controller, simple operation;

          ◆ With 50 groups of recipe access function, can quickly call and start the machine;

          ◆ The screw is chrome-plated, which is durable;

          ◆ The metering part can be removed from the base as a whole without materialleakage. There is a window device on the side of the base for easy observation ofraw materials.

          產品簡介 Introduction

          ◆ WHVD系列體積式色母混合機,可以對塑料原料的1種主料和1~4種色母料或添加劑按比例自動混配,適用于注塑、擠出后吹塑生產。該系列產品采用混合式步進電機,并配合專用微電腦控制器,可精確地計量色母及添加比例。此混合機可以與各類成型機信號做連接進而同步運轉,保證成型產品性能一致性。

          ◆ WHVD series volumetric masterbatch mixer can automatically mix 1 main materialand 1~4 color masterbatches or additives of plastic raw materials in proportion,suitable for injection molding and blow molding after extrusion. This series ofproducts adopts hybrid stepping motor and special microcomputer controller, whichcan accurately measure the color masterbatch and adding proportion. This mixer canbe connected with various molding machine signals and run synchronously to ensurethe consistency of molding product performance.

          備注 Remarks

          ◆ “*”表示依客戶所選螺桿決定輸出量的大小,可參考單色機數據;例如:CVD-D-12/14,輸出量即為0.15-60kg/hr;

          ◆ “**”表示螺桿外徑依客戶選型而定;

          ◆ 單色機加裝攪拌器,機型后面加注“MX”;

          ◆ 以上機型輸出量是以比重為1.2、直徑為2~3mm的色母顆粒以連續運轉方式為測試標準所得的數據;

          ◆ 機器電壓規格為:1Φ,230V,50Hz。

          ◆ "*" means the output size is determined according to the screw selected by the customer, please refer to the data of the monochromator; for example: CVD-D-12/14,the output is 0.15-60kg/hr;

          ◆ "**" means the outer diameter of the screw depends on the customer’s selection;

          ◆ The single color machine is equipped with a stirrer, and "MX" is added to the back of the model;

          ◆ The output of the above models is based on the data obtained by the continuous operation of the color master particles with a specific gravity of 1.2 and a diameter of2~3mm as the test standard;

          ◆ The voltage specification of the machine is: 1Φ, 230V, 50Hz.

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